Painting done by my mother at our place in “Sand Harbor” North Shore, Lake Tahoe.

This is just one thing Mullen can do as part of her new business, Tahoe Pines Custom Sewing and Design. While it hasn’t officially launched yet, Mullen has been building a product list based on the necessities which people need.

“Sewing and tailoring is a fading art and a fading skill,” she said. “People don’t do too much of it anymore.”

Eventually, though, Mullen said she wants to get to teaching sewing and monogramming.

“My mother, she was an excellent seamstress and could make any item without a pattern,” Mullen said. “I spent my teenage years with her and my stepfather out in Lake Tahoe in Nevada.”

While she worked at the Ponderosa Ranch where the old television show “Bonanza” was filmed, Mullen also worked part-time at a clothing store with her mother in high school. The day after she graduated, she came to New York with the intention of visiting, but ended up staying in the Empire State. She worked for M. Wile and Company Factory Building in Buffalo, and while there worked on a suit for Johnny Carson.

Mullen attended Genesee Community College, majoring in physical education and minoring in sport management. She eventually started working part-time with Zip-Tor Monogramming in Batavia, while she was still involved with her rehab career.

“It is time for me right now to have fun with the sewing and monogramming,” she said. “The unique part of my business is that not only do I monogram it and personalize it for you, I actually handcraft the item as well out of your choice of fabric, your style, your protocol and your dimensions.”

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LeeAnn Mullen

For more information, email LeeAnn Mullen at [email protected] or call/text (585) 739-6183.


I earned an AS Degree from GCC and transferred on to Brockport State earning the BS degree in PE and a Minor in Sport Management. I was Co-owner of Zip-Tor Monogram Shop, working there part time

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  1. Wonderful to learn about your background/ travels and desire to keep alive the art of handcrafted, custom sewing and monogramming! Sounds like you love what you do and that’s something we should all aspire to 🙂

    1. Thank you Christy! Yes, after 30 years of medical, vocational, drug/alcohol rehab, it is a pleasure to create something with excitement for someone and see their hearts shine when you give them the finished product! You taking time out of your busy day to post a positive comment on my site makes me smile! Thank you for visiting my site! Sincerely, Lee Ann Mullen, Owner Tahoe Pines Wellness Center, LLC and Tahoe Pines Custom Sewing & Designs

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